Community & Corporate Giving


Our entire team has experienced the benefits of sports and recreation throughout their lives in a myriad of ways. However, as builders, owners, and operators of sports facilities, they also get to see the rising costs of construction to build these facilities, from utilities to equipment.

These costs, along with a population that works long hours, but has less free time and disposable income, are taking a toll on overall participation in sports across all ages.

  • We believe in the value of sport.
  • We believe you are at your best when you are active.
  • We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy the benefits without having to worry about the challenges.

Over the past few years, our company has partnered with some great organizations that have given them the opportunity to do just that. To date, we have given back more than $1.4M in the communities which they serve. Recently, we’ve taken it a step further and created our charitable arm, PlayOn 

PlayOn is dedicated to ensuring every person, young or old, is given the opportunity to stay active and to receive all of the benefits of sports, fitness, and recreation. 

The Virginia Beach Sports Center is committed to partnering with PlayOn to offer a safe and professional space where folks of all ages are afforded the opportunity to participate in the programs we have to offer regardless of ability to pay.

Want to spread the gift of activity?

Simply click the link button below to learn more about what you can do to help support PlayOn’s mission!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Feast Jam Game Rules
  • 20-minute halves (Running Clock)
  • Clock will stop under 1 minute
  • One full and one 30-second timeout per half (No carry over)
  • All games will be played with a 35-second shot clock. The shot clock will reset to 35-seconds on all offensive rebounds.
  • Each player gets 6 fouls before fouling out
  • 5-minute warm-ups
  • 3-minute half-time
  • Overtime will be 1 minute
  • Double overtime will be sudden death
  • Teams will be responsible for bringing their own balls for warmups
  • 7 team fouls = 1&1 // 10 team fouls = 2 free throws
Game On!

Programming in the facility will begin, and the building will open to the public the week of October 12.

In the meantime, please cruise this site to learn more about local programming, and register for our many exciting leagues, youth programs, and upcoming events/tournaments! 

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