Youth Basketball




  • League Dates: March 22 – May 10
  • Registration Dates: Open now thru March 15
  • Game Days: Tuesdays & Wednesdays
  • Ages: 8 – 17 // Age cutoff is May 1. No exceptions.
  • $90/Participant


  • Must provide a birth certificate or government-issued ID to verify age prior to first game. 
  • After teams register, there will be a coach’s meeting to choose practice slots on December 1.
  • Players that register as a free agent will play under the Wave Basketball Club brand.
  • 7 regular season games + single-elimination playoffs
  • Must have at least 5 players paid in order to be added to the schedule.
  • Minimum roster is 7 players, no maximum
  • Players are not allowed to play until payment is received
  • 1st tie-breaker is head to head matchup. 2nd tie-breaker is points allowed
  • Schedules will be posted online. Please do not print the schedule as it is subject to change.
  • REFUND POLICY: The Virginia Beach Sports Center does not issue cash refunds. We do not consider refunds unless the Virginia Beach Sports Center must cancel an event or program that is not rescheduled.
  • Please Note: Coaches are required for all youth sports, including High School, to ensure player discipline & sportsmanship. These individuals do not need to make coaching decisions but must attend games. The VBSC does not assign coaches to teams.


Starter: This division is targeted at players/teams that typically play in recreational leagues. Age cutoff is May 1. No exceptions.


  • Coed Ages: 7-8 Beginner
  • Coed Ages 9-10 Beginner
  • Coed Ages 11-12 Beginner
  • Coed Ages 13-14 Beginner
  • Coed Ages 15-17 Beginner

Premier: This division is targeted at teams/players that have experience playing in competitive leagues and/or AAU tournaments. We will have separate girl’s and boy’s divisions. Age cutoff is May 1. No exceptions.


  • Coed Ages: 7-8 Competitive 
  • Coed Ages 9-10 Competitive
  • Coed Ages 11-12 Competitive
  • Coed Ages 13-14 Competitive
  • Coed Ages 15-17 Competitive


  • All participants must pay their ADMINISTRATIVE FEES before they can play in any Virginia Beach Sports Center program.
  • Any inappropriate language directed toward anyone in the facility is not tolerated and will result in a suspension from the facility.
  • Intimidation or threatening behavior can result in a suspension from the facility.
  • No jewelry can be worn during league play unless covered with a padded material.
  • No clothing with pockets is permitted.
  • No food or drink (unless bottled/covered) is allowed on the court or track at any time.
  • Any ejection (albeit from a staff member or a referee) from the facility will result in a MINIMUM one (1) week suspension from the facility and an automatic one (1) game suspension. Multiple ejection consequences will be administered, as needed, by VBSC staff.
  • Involvement in a fight will result in a MINIMUM one (1) year suspension from the facility. Involvement in a second (2) fight will result in a lifetime ban from the facility.
  • At no time shall a spectator enter the field or speak with officials, coaches, or players. Any spectator that enters the field to confront an official or another player will result in a suspension from the facility.


Terrell Allen • Director of Basketball •