Adult League

Adult Basketball


The VBSC Adult Basketball League is a great place to come out and compete, but most importantly, have fun. The competition will be strong for all levels.



  • November 13 – December 20
  • Three divisions are available: D1, D2, D3
  • Registration ($70/Player) October 11 – November 7
  • League Start Date: Week of November 13
  • Season: 6 Weeks–5 regular season games plus playoffs. Playoffs will depend on the number of teams per division.
  • Games will be played on Monday/Wednesday.
  • Please Note: Teams will not be placed on the schedule if the team has less than 5 registered players by the close of registration on November 7, 2023.


  • Ages 18+
  • Minimum roster size is 5 players; there is no maximum.
  • Season consists of 5 regular-season games plus the postseason.
  • The number of teams able to participate in playoffs will be determined by the Director early in the season; not every team makes playoffs.
  • The first tie-breaker will be point differential, second tie-breaker is a head-to-head match-up
  • Players may register as a free agent or join a private team.
  • Rosters must be finalized by Game 2 of each season.
  • Schedules will be posted online; please do not print the schedule as it is subject to change.
  • In the event of an ejection, players will be suspended for a minimum of one week, forcing them to miss the following game.
  • REFUND POLICY: The Virginia Beach Sports Center does not issue cash refunds. We do not consider refunds unless the Virginia Beach Sports Center must cancel an event or program that is not rescheduled.


If teams show up with similar color jerseys which are difficult for the refs to distinguish, the home team is expected to change or wear pinnies.


DIVISION 1: Advanced level, regularly playing basketball, and looking for competitive games.

DIVISION 2: Play pick-up 2-3 times a week, looking for a mediate amount of competition.

DIVISION 3: Looking to have fun. Slower-paced game.


  • Home team must provide the ball.
  • All participants must pay their ADMINISTRATIVE FEES before they can play in any Virginia Beach Sports Center program.
  • Any inappropriate language directed toward anyone in the facility is not tolerated and could result in a suspension from the facility.
  • Intimidation or threatening behavior could result in a suspension from the facility.
  • No jewelry can be worn during league play.
  • No food or drink (unless bottled/covered) is allowed on the court or track at any time.
  • Any ejection (albeit from a staff member or a referee) from the facility will result in a MINIMUM one (1) week suspension from the facility and an automatic one (1) game suspension. Multiple ejection consequences will be administered, as needed, by VBSC staff.
  • Involvement in a fight will result in a MINIMUM one (1) year suspension from the facility. Involvement in a second (2) fight will result in a lifetime ban from the facility.
  • At no time shall a spectator enter the field or speak with officials, coaches, or players. Any spectator that enters the field to confront an official or another player will result in a suspension from the facility.


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Thank you to our sponsors:

Feast Jam Game Rules
  • 20-minute halves (Running Clock)
  • Clock will stop under 1 minute
  • One full and one 30-second timeout per half (No carry over)
  • All games will be played with a 35-second shot clock. The shot clock will reset to 35-seconds on all offensive rebounds.
  • Each player gets 6 fouls before fouling out
  • 5-minute warm-ups
  • 3-minute half-time
  • Overtime will be 1 minute
  • Double overtime will be sudden death
  • Teams will be responsible for bringing their own balls for warmups
  • 7 team fouls = 1&1 // 10 team fouls = 2 free throws
Game On!

Programming in the facility will begin, and the building will open to the public the week of October 12.

In the meantime, please cruise this site to learn more about local programming, and register for our many exciting leagues, youth programs, and upcoming events/tournaments! 

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